Tunbridge Wells Hospital installs interventional imaging system


Siemens\' Artis zee ME equipment to boost vascular and interventional work

Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury has installed an Artis zee Multi-purpose (MP) interventional imaging system from Siemens Healthcare.

The system is being used for vascular and interventional work, including stent insertions, joint injections and embolisations. The hospital is benefitting from reference overlay, allowing the precise positioning of stents or interventional devices such as inferior vena cava (IVC) filters.

The Artis zee MP offers rapid image acquisition and post-processing capabilities, helping to improve departmental workflow. It is suited to interventional procedures and features high-contrast resolution to improve accuracy during image-guided procedures at low dose. Equipped with all the latest Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) features and CLEAR post processing technology as standard, it supports superior image quality at the lowest achievable doses. In addition to the low-dose acquisition, the Artis zee MP offers high-quality diagnostic images and its ergonomically designed controls enable users to operate it smoothly and easily.

The Artis zee MP joins two existing imaging systems from Siemens Healthcare at Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

“We are really happy with our new Artis zee MP,” said Kathy Roberts, radiology clinical services manager at the hospital. “Our patient doses have been significantly reduced because of dose-saving technology and the diagnostic images are of high quality. The system is easy to use and for the first time we are able to reference overlay, improving the precision of our stent positioning.”

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