Thermoscreens takes air curtain design a step forward


New HX range increases energy savings and comfort

Air curtain manufacturer, Thermoscreens, has launched the HX range of air curtains featuring advanced Ecopower Air Technology and optional weather compensation.

The launch marks a major leap forward in air curtain design, with the range providing class-leading uniformity while improving efficiency and comfort levels.

Ideal for any frequently used entrance, air curtains minimise the amount of cold air entering a building while keeping the warm air inside – providing a comfortable environment around the doorway and reducing the amount of heating required, therefore lowering carbon emissions and energy costs.

The new range of HX air curtains increases energy savings and comfort through the inclusion of the company’s EcoPower Air Technology. This provides improved air velocity, class-leading uniformity and the highest levels of energy effectiveness by combining three innovative design features; a built-in pressure chamber to allow even distribution across the entire width of the air curtain; a converging nozzle to increase velocity and improve the air stream and product performance; and an active circular grille to create a constant, powerful and effective air stream.

According to ISO standard 27237-1, air velocity and air uniformity are two of the most important attributes an air curtain can have. Standard air curtains usually achieve between 40%-60% uniformity, but tests performed under the ISO standard have confirmed that Thermoscreens’ HX range achieves 90%.

To increase energy savings further an EcoPower wall controller is included as standard, but HX air curtains also have an optional weather compensation control – a recent innovation in air curtain design. The weather compensation technology monitors the outdoor climate via a sensor and automatically adjusts the air stream discharge temperature accordingly with a warmer temperature selected if it is cold outside, and vice versa.

Graham Cree, UK sales manager at Thermoscreens, said: “If sized and installed correctly an air curtain will lower energy usage – in fact wastage can be cut by up to 70% – but manufacturers are striving for even greater savings. In line with market demand for more efficient products that can cut energy costs and carbon emissions, Thermoscreens has been working hard to develop advanced solutions.

“Our unique EcoPower Air Technology really takes air curtains to a new level in terms of energy savings and comfort. It ensures the air velocity projection and uniformity reaches right across, and covers, the door opening – reducing the ingress of cold air. To achieve a uniformity of 90% really is exceptional.”

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The UK-manufactured range is available in direct electric or water versions. The water versions can be used with conventional 82/71°C boilers, but are also suitable for lower temperatures such as 60/40°C or 45/35°C, so can be connected to more efficient condensing boilers or heat pumps. And to avoid nuisance tripping and overheating – which both waste energy – the electrical elements in the HX range are of a low thermal inertia type.