Randox partners with Bosch to launch Vivalytic


All-in-one fully-automated solution for molecular diagnostics combines range of test options, simplifying routine laboratory processes and delivering faster results

  • Randox Laboratories launches revolutionary product with Bosch
  • Vivalytic is a universal, fully-automated platform for molecular diagnostics, delivering test results from 30 minutes
  • Offers space-saving, easy and intuitive-to-use cartridge-based testing
  • First test panels available are Randox’s Respiratory and Sexually Transmitted Infection Multiplex Arrays

A game-changing partnership between Randox Laboratories and Bosch is changing the accessibility to molecular diagnostics with the launch of a revolutionary product – the innovative platform Vivalytic.

Vivalytic combines the broadest range of test options ever seen for its size.

Using Randox-patented Biochip Array Technology, it is the easiest-to-use and most-comprehensive multiplex PCR platform on the market.

The device also supports single-plex and low-plex testing, simplifying the processes for otherwise-complex laboratory test procedures.

Depending on the test application, results will be delivered from 30 minutes.

“This is transformational for patients and doctors; never before has there been this level of accessibility to such a wealth of molecular tests,” said Dr Peter FitzGerald, managing director of Randox Laboratories.

“Randox molecular assays continue to evolve, keeping precise diagnostics for targeted patient therapy at the centre.

"With Vivalytic, there’s no limit to the testing portfolio that can be made available on its universal platform, and importantly it delivers results quickly and accurately.”

The first tests available on the Vivalytic are Randox’s panels for respiratory and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).

The Respiratory Multiplex Array simultaneously detects 22 viral and bacterial pathogens including Bordetella parapertussis, without the need for secondary or confirmatory testing to inform clinical treatment decisions.

The STI array enables the detection of 10 viral, bacterial and protozoan STIs from a single urine or urogenital swab sample.

Dr FitzGerald said: “This is an ideal partnership for Randox, combining our expertise in molecular laboratory diagnostics with Bosch’s cutting-edge engineering.

"With antibiotic resistance one of the most-pressing public health issues faced across the world today, we’re delighted that the first tests available on Vivalytic are our industry-leading multiplex panels for respiratory and sexually-transmitted infections.

"This partnership enables quick, accurate diagnosis, improved patient care and the effective stewardship of critical medicines.”

Marc Meier, general manager of Bosch Healthcare Solutions, added: “We are enthusiastic about having gained Randox as the first partner on our platform with two initial panels available from the start.

"In this partnership the core competencies of Bosch in automation, miniaturisation, and networking are complemented by Randox’s expertise in developing and commercialising innovative diagnostic solutions.”

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