Promat receives second major seal of approval for PYROSEC Glass


PYROSEC fire-resistant glass approved for use in BM TRADA Q-Mark certified timber-based fire doors

Promat PYROSEC fire-resistant glass, already certified by Warrington Certification, has now been approved for use in BM TRADA Q-Mark certified timber-based fire doors.

The approval follows a technical assessment of PYROSEC 7/30 and 7/60 glass by the leading independent certification body.

BM TRADA’s Q-Mark certification scheme is widely recognised as one of the most-rigorous certification processes available for construction products. It confirms that products such as timber-based fire doors are consistently manufactured to the same standard as the original tested system. Providing their use is in line with the Promat assessment specifications, manufacturers of timber-based fire doors whose products are certified under the BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacture Scheme can now use Promat PYROSEC fire-resistant glass within their door products, without requiring additional certification.

“This latest technical review expands the scope and use of PYROSEC within timber based fire doors, providing BM TRADA Q-Mark certified timber based fire door manufacturers with greater opportunities and increased competitive advantage.” said sales manager, Mike Fawcett.

“Promat PYROSEC has held Certifire approval from Warrington Certification for some years now. This latest approved scope extension simply underlines the product’s versatility and performance reliability. It provides everyone involved with the reassurance they need - from a reliable and completely independent source - that the product has been properly tested and is manufactured to a standard consistent with the product originally tested.”

Promat PYROSEC has become an increasingly-popular choice for applications where a laminated fire-resistant glass is required, and it can provide up to 60 minutes fire integrity. It is designated as ‘B’ Class Safety Glass to BS6206, and meets with both EN 1364/1 and EN 12600. It has a strong track record of use for vision panels in doors, side-screens and walls, in all types of buildings such as hospitals, prisons and detention centres where safety is a prime requirement.

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