Moorfields invests in digital dictation


Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has invested in BigHand's digital dictation solution for around 250 users. The London hospital plans to utilise the platform to replace the current analogue system, improve the management of workload across departments, develop better crossover support for secretaries during leave or absence, and improve the speed at which documents can be turned around from clinician to secretary and then onto the patient. Antoinette Flynn, assistant general manager for capacity, access and theatres at the trust, said: "We decided to implement digital dictation as a means to help further enhance the efficiency at which the trust operates. We had to question if our current analogue tape system could deliver our requirements in the long term. With the project still in its very early stages, we hope BigHand will be able to work with us in developing a much more seamless and streamlined way of working for our clinicians and secretaries." The trust is now the fifth in London to implement BigHand's solution.