Medstor designs resus module carts for Royal United Hospitals Bath


Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust (RUH) were supplied with 75 resus carts, custom-designed to support outstanding patient care in emergency scenarios

In an emergency situation, the importance of having a resuscitation or “crash” cart, fully stocked and ready to be moved quickly to the point of use at a moment’s notice, cannot be overstated – it can save lives when every second counts. Medstor recently supplied Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust (RUH) with 75 resus carts to be used right across the trust, including in its various outreach centres. The Medstor resus cart provides a secure mobile platform for the equipment and consumables needed during in-hospital resuscitation, custom-designed to support outstanding patient care when space is limited but emergency treatment vital. RUH was particularly impressed by the quality and flexibility of the cart and Medstor’s willingness and ability to tailor the design to meet its needs exactly. Medstor has also worked with the trust previously on several successful ward and theatre refurbishments, providing a range of equipment from its large portfolio of healthcare storage and materials management solutions.

Medstor is an approved supplier on the NHS Supply Chain, through which it was shortlisted for the RUH project. To select the successful supplier, the trust held an equipment fair at which staff could view and try the available options. The Medstor cart was the most popular choice, with its combination of capacity, manoeuvrability and stylish design. The resus team at RUH then put in many hours of work, gathering and collating information from across the trust to produce a detailed product specification. Medstor has its own factory and dedicated on-site design team so can be completely flexible and responsive to client needs as it maintains ownership of the manufacture and delivery of products from start to finish. This meant the resus team could be confident that its specific requirements for the carts would be interpreted and met successfully, including changes to the pull- out drawer system to support the trust’s infection prevention programme and the inclusion of brackets to hold oxygen cylinders, for which the Medstor factory set up new tooling. The trust also had a specific request regarding colour - resus carts are traditionally red, but RUH wanted yellow for paediatrics and blue for the renal ward. Medstor also provided the hospital with a detailed operations manual, covering everything from correct use to repairs, helping to ensure the cart is deployed and maintained correctly.

All products in Medstor’s range of mobile module carts offer flexibility in design, specification and style. They can be fully customised for purpose, from colour to construction material, so are suitable for every area from bedside to anaesthesia, built precisely for the environment in which they will be used. Child-friendly graphics can even be added. The carts are compatible with Medstor’s unique inbuilt organisation and product identification tray and liner system, which maximises storage capacity and ensures contents are easy to identify and access. Tamper-evident locks guarantee secure storage. Bright, robust and easy to manoeuvre, the module carts not only provide safe and efficient storage space but are also moveable hygienic work surfaces that bring essential items to exactly where they are needed, quickly and easily.

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