London trust rolls out EPR and paediatric diabetes management solutions


Acute trust goes live with twinkle.NET across three hospital sites

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospital NHS Trust has gone live with a web-based Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and paediatric diabetes management system.

Twinkle.NET from Hicom will be used across three hospital sites to efficiently manage the data for more than 300 children and young people with diabetes.

Kausik Banerjee, consultant in paediatric diabetes and endocrinology at BHR UH, said: “As a web-based, permission-level system, Twinkle.NET allows all authorised staff working with our diabetic patients the means by which to securely input and view patient data at any time. The users of the system include our paediatricians, specialist diabetes nurses, dieticians and clinical psychologist, who all work over the three hospital sites and for whom full visibility of real-time, accurate data is a huge benefit in the provision of diabetes care across those sites.”

The solution incorporates functionality to manage data in a variety of specialities and creates a central repository for paediatric care data management. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service solution, Hicom’s hosted model has the advantages of browser-based applications without the high cost of investment in servers, nor the implementation and configuration of on-site software.

Banerjee said: “Prior to the web-based system we relied on a standalone solution. Data input was conducted by a single secretary, which was a very time-consuming process and meant we could not guarantee the accuracy of the data nor allow our healthcare team timely access to it. With Hicom’s Twinkle.NET, clinicians are able to update and view patient details in real-time so the data quality is greatly improved. The information is also audited and the reporting simple, meaning that information can be extracted from the system in a much more timely and effective manner.

“Through the use of Twinkle.NET, we are able to retrieve up-to-date and accurate data for Best Practice Tariff (BPT) submission, which provides evidence that we continue to satisfy the criteria for the funding we receive. Without Twinkle.NET we would not be in such a strong position.”

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John Sanderson, director at Hicom, added: “The BPT for paediatric care presents a major opportunity for childhood diabetes specialists to attract important funding for what are currently under-resourced services. Twinkle.NET gives trusts real-time access to vital details of patients with childhood diabetes, which will be critical for the on-going management of the condition. Shared data and the aggregation and interpretation of such information can prove invaluable in creating the evidence base for the on-going funding of services through the BPT.”