Introducing Ocura’s 2021 catalogue


Ocura have been providing hospitals with world class furniture and equipment from more than 40 years, working with the most acute NHS Trusts and private hospital groups in the country

Introducing Ocura’s 2021 catalogue


Ocura is expanding its range to offer the very best in hospital furniture with an emphasis this year on inclusive seating.

Always staying ahead of the curve, Ocura have dropped some innovative products this year, but it's not in the business of creating the best healthcare furniture, it's in the business of transforming the healthcare industry.

Ocura aims to support you with exceptional service aligned to excellent products that we know will enhance the outstanding work undertaken by you in healthcare across the UK.

Its products are easy to use, ergonomic, efficient and support equality for all. The team work closely with all areas of healthcare, priding themselves on their deep and wide understanding of how and why investment in Ocura's products will deliver you, your patients and visitors benefits.

If you would like a hard copy of Ocura's new catalogue please contact your account manager or email

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