Henderson Green helps ease pressure at Hampshire hospital


Company carries out mechanical and electrical engineering designs for projects at St Mary's Hospital, Isle of Wight

Henderson Green is playing a critical role in increasing the available clinical services at an Isle of Wight hospital.

The leading engineering consultancy is carrying out mechanical and electrical engineering designs for several projects at St Mary's Hospital under the P21+ procurement scheme for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, along with Kier Construction.

The existing Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) is being redeveloped to provide a 31-bedded unit which will help manage the flow of medical admissions.

In addition, the Southampton-based consultancy is also working on the Endoscopy Unit, which is due to be completed in December. This scheme features three clinical treatment rooms with medical service delivery located to provide the critical services within easy reach of the clinician.

Henderson Green has specified an isolated power supply (IPS) for the endoscopy unit, which is vital in certain environments where patients are likely to come in direct contact with electrical medical equipment. This system reduces the risks associated with electrical leakage currents and improves the safety and continuity of supplies.

Russ Pitman, Henderson Green’s managing director, said: “There are major differences between the electrical and mechanical needs for a hospital environment as opposed to a commercial or educational environment. so our extensive healthcare experience stood us in good stead to undertake these specialised schemes and increase the hospital capabilities.

"Ensuring the engineering services are correct for use is critical in a hospital and we're delighted to be providing two units at St Mary's, which will both increase its patient capacity and its resilience.”

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