GV Healthcare – creators of MyPorter to sponsor a BBH Award for 2021


The company will be sponsoring the Best Collaborative Arts Project (static) award within the Patient Experience categories

GV Healthcare (part of Global View and creators of MyPorter – the porter task management software solution) is pleased to be sponsoring the Best Collaborative Arts Project (static) award within the Patient Experience categories at the BBH Awards 2021.

You might be asking: What has portering software and hospital artwork got in common? The answer? It’s the patient experience.  Much like MyPorter has indirect and subtle benefits to a patient’s impression of a hospital and their treatment - art can have a similar impact throughout the patient journey. These touchpoints during the patient’s time within the hospital have a real impact on their mood and wellbeing. MyPorter optimises the journey meaning human interaction is maximised, leaking of sensitive information (which may make a patient feel uncomfortable) is reduced and unnecessary waiting times are minimised due to improved porter efficiency – this improved journey through the patient’s time in hospital creates a more pleasant experience. Art can have that same impact at various stages along a patient’s healthcare travels, as it allows them to take their mind outside the confines of the hospital.

Much like many may not see an immediate and obvious link between efficient and knowledgeable portering services and patient experience, art within a healthcare environment may also be something which isn’t seen as having the same immediate and obvious links – and while championing great portering and showcasing the positive impact it can have on patient experience and outcomes will always be front of our minds, we’re glad to be promoting the benefits of art through the sponsorship of this award.

It is great to be able to shine a light on the amazing work these artists provide within hospitals to help improve the environment and mood a patient is feeling. Art can have an impact in many ways, it isn’t just there to enhance the mood of the patient - all art is subjective and can create opinion and act as a welcome distraction to worried or nervous patients. It can act as a calming influence and help reduce anxiety, making it great for improving mental health and wellbeing, not just among patients but the staff within hospitals too.

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Be it healthcare’s answer to Banksy, a unique take on the rolling countryside surrounding the hospital like Hockney, or something more thought-provoking like a Dali or Magritte piece – we’re glad to be sponsoring an award for something that can bring an indirect joy to a patient’s experience, in the same manner which our portering software does.

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