Fever detection system helps ensure return to normal life after COVID-19


Contactless technology measures body temperature without need for personal contact

A new system has been launched to automatically test body temperature, helping with the response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

FeverTIR is a thermography system which quickly and accurately measures people’s body temperature without any need for contact.

With a fever being one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 infection, as well as many other contagious diseases, organisations are looking to ways in which employees and patients can be screened for possible infection.

Many of the existing potential methods are labour intensive, time consuming and expensive, but by adapting a system originally designed to detect temperature in monitoring for potential fires, a plug-and-play solution has been developed which is available in the UK from Reading-based company, Patol.

The system features a high-precision thermal detector with a visible full-HD camera which simultaneously measures a person’s core body temperature.

This data is accurate to within 0.3°C, supported by a traceable calibration certificate – an important factor when there are alternative technologies on the market which are unproven.

And the suitability of the system for medical use is illustrated by FeverTIR meeting the ISO IEC 80601-2-59 Medical Electrical Equipment – Part 2-59 standard.

This specifically addresses the basic safety and essential performance requirements of screening thermographs for human febrile temperature screening.

Patol sales director, Kelvin Miller, said: “while we are in no way suggesting this is a panacea, it can be a very useful contributor to a more-effective and safer return to the life that we knew pre-COVID-19.

“The cameras can be used in a wide range of applications, including hospitals, retail complexes, airports, construction sites and hotels – in fact anywhere where large numbers of people gather and a quick and accurate snapshot of their respective body temperatures could provide an indicator of potential infection.”

FeverTIR features a special calibration temperature range for measuring facial temperature, offering pre-alarms and alarms with on-screen notification.

It provides real-time hotspot analysis and can be easily integrated with other safety and security systems.

Alejandro Torres, international business development manager for FeverTIR, said: “We have been working in the field of multispectral thermography systems for over 20 years so understand how, and, equally importantly, how not, to apply the technology to body temperature monitoring.

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“New and innovative methods are being introduced to help ensure safer environments for all in the new world that we are facing, and FeverTIR is part of that response.”