FRIMLEY Park cost saving with efficient power plant


FRIMLEY Park cost saving with efficient power plant

FRIMLEY Park Hospital in Surrey is beating soaring energy costs and emissions targets with a super efficient power plant providing heat, electricity and cooling. Dubbed the 'big lean green machine' because of its money-saving and environment-friendly credentials, the hospital's new combined cooling, heat and power plant (CHP) is helping to keep energy consumption under control. The equipment was funded by a £2.7m grant from the Department of Health Energy and Sustainability Fund and a further £450,000 investment from the foundation trust hospital. It is now saving the trust more than £330,000 a year and resulting in a carbon saving of 1,260 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The trust is even able to sell back surplus electricity that it generates to the National Grid.

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Colin Mapperley, general manager of facilities, said: "The project has been a big success both in terms of the money it has saved and the lower impact on the environment. It really is a win-win. We have also seen energy prices go far higher than anyone anticipated in recent years, but the success of the project has meant that we have been able to cope we