Doro launches unique mobile telecare handset


Radio receiver takes telecare outside patients\' homes

Doro has launched the Doro Secure 681, a clamshell mobile phone handset that has a unique embedded ‘class one’ telecare radio receiver that’s compatible with Doro’s wearable wrist, neck and fall sensors.

Alerts can be sent via the handset to monitoring services over the internet or SMS.

Jérôme Arnaud, group chief executive at Doro, said: “At Doro, we understand that not all seniors are alike and this product provides a solution for those who need more support. Our care division is addressing the needs of this audience in a truly modern way.

“This latest addition to the Doro Secure portfolio opens up the market for telecare providers to offer mobile solutions. No longer will people using telecare support services be confined to their homes. We have mobilised telecare and ensured that user security has not been compromised.”

The Doro Secure 681 will launch in the UK during the second quarter of 2013 and will also be part of the Bosch Telecare selection.

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