Analytics platform aids Scottish hospital


NHS Scotland's Golden Jubilee National Hospital uses MicroStrategy to improve operations and enhance patient care

NHS Scotland's Golden Jubilee National Hospital has deployed the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform and MicroStrategy Mobile to monitor, report, and analyse over 200 quality indicators consisting of patient care, staffing, and performance metrics.

"Improving quality care to realise superior patient outcomes is a journey with many twists and turns, so the enterprise analytics platform we chose is one that fits our complex needs and will evolve with us," said Jill Young, chief executive of the hospital.

"We have realised numerous benefits from using MicroStrategy in a short order of time. The platform's comprehensive capabilities allow us to measure, in detail, the success of our Quality Framework and inform members of our staff via mobile apps on how they can be more responsive to our patients. Furthermore, we believe our Quality Framework, with MicroStrategy as its enterprise analytics standard, can be a model for adoption at other healthcare facilities around the world."

In 2013, NHS Scotland's Golden Jubilee National Hospital replaced its incumbent dashboard and reporting tool with MicroStrategy's enterprise analytics solution, which today enables a staff of several hundred - including directors, clinicians, doctors, consultants, nurses, and administrative staff - to easily analyse patient care, staffing, and performance targets on their iPad devices, revealing underlying and previously-unknown patterns and interactions between patients and the hospital.

With MicroStrategy, board committees are able to review employee performance and make decisions that improve management and effectiveness. Hospital administrators can drill into the top 30-40 quality indicators in great detail and easily make informed decisions to enhance patient care. In addition, nurses and other administrative staff are using survey data that patients complete upon the end of their stay to make adjustments that improve the overall patient experience.

MicroStrategy Mobile empowers staff members to quickly view, collect, and update information anywhere, from the boardroom to the ward. Specifically, hospital staff are able to:

  • Update data anywhere, and at any time, improving data accuracy and preventing data loss
  • Receive alerts within the app when data reaches critical levels, eg an outpatient gives negative feedback in an exit survey
  • View all key quality indicators in one screen to get a quick overview of hospital performance in real-time
  • Easily interpret detailed information with stunning data visualisations
  • Securely update and share information with relevant staff members

NHS Scotland's Golden Jubilee National Hospital considers MicroStrategy a key component of its overall vision to lead quality, research and innovation for NHS Scotland through a new Quality Framework. Scotland has set the benchmark for adopting innovative approaches to improving health care at a large scale through its Scottish Patient Safety Programme. The Golden Jubilee reports significant improvements for efficiency, safety, and person-centred service delivery, and has been a key contributor in helping Scotland to reduce patient mortality by 12% and Clostridium difficile infections by 77% and to nearly completely eliminate MRSA. A number of specialties at the hospital have reduced patient length of stay, and 98% of its patients indicate they are treated with care, respect, and dignity.

"We are delighted that NHS Scotland's Golden Jubilee National Hospital is relying on MicroStrategy as part of its Quality Framework to provide a safer, patient-centric environment for Scotland's citizens," said Paul Zolfaghari, president of MicroStrategy.

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"The best-run hospitals and healthcare organisations understand the need to make decisions using trusted organisation-wide data, and in turn, are looking for more than just analytical or mobile point solutions. MicroStrategy has the power to transform an entire healthcare organisation into a connected and highly-productive staff, where every clinician, doctor, and manager can easily visualise their data, trust and share insights with each other, and react quickly with informed decisions that improve quality of care and yield superior patient outcomes."