Air curtain technology improves energy efficiency


Thermoscreens and Mitsubishi Electric join forces to create new heat pump air curtain technology

Air curtain manufacturer, Thermoscreens, has launched the HP DXE Heat Pump air curtain in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric.

The new range marks the next generation of heat pump air curtains developed by the two companies, offering even greater energy and carbon savings, easier installation, servicing and maintenance and lower noise levels.

Graham Cree, UK sales manager at Thermoscreens, said: “Conventional air curtains lower energy usage as they reduce the amount of heating required. But adding a heat pump to the system can significantly increase the savings. We launched a heat pump air curtain four years ago in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric, and both companies have been working hard to develop a product that can achieve even greater savings.”

The range offers eight models linking to Mitsubishi Electric’s Mr Slim line-up, and six that work in conjunction with City Multi models.

The new air curtains offer several innovative improvements over the original PHV DXE models, including the addition of Thermoscreens’ Ecopower Air Technology. This enhances the air velocity projection and uniformity and the energy effectiveness and savings, delivered through an air plenum, converging nozzle and active circular grille, for which a patent is pending.

To reduce energy usage further, the range also offers comprehensive, enhanced control options, including weather compensation as standard on Mr Slim models. This achieves significant energy and carbon savings, and the payback period can be reduced to less than two years.

With weather compensation, the heat pump compressor automatically adjusts in accordance with the outside air temperature, measured by an outdoor air sensor. A warmer discharge air stream is selected if it is cold outside, and vice versa.

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Rather than deriving warm air from conventional sources such as direct electric heating or low, medium or high pressure hot water, the HP DXE Heat Pump air curtain is linked to a Mitsubishi Electric outdoor heat pump compressor unit, which significantly minimises the energy used.