60% reduction in VMAT verifications with advanced automation software


The Christie Hospital reports improvements from quality assurance software in radiotherapy services

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust has implemented quality assurance software for a range of radiotherapy procedures, resulting in efficiencies and allowing the introduction of new complex treatment techniques.

The trust, one of the largest cancer treatment centres in Europe, has increased efficiency in its medical physics and engineering department following the implementation of Mobius3D software from Oncology Systems.

The quality assurance software, which performs secondary checks of radiation treatment plans, has enabled physics staff to decrease patient specific verification by 60% for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT).

Mobius3D is so far used for prostate and head and neck patients. As a result, this has increased staff availability and created additional time to introduce new complex techniques for a variety of clinical areas.

The Christie has recently started using the system for secondary monitor unit checks for its oncology breast patients, and thereby reducing the number of manual calculations taking place in the department and saving physics staff up to 14 hours a month.

In the future, the centre is planning to use Mobius3D software on lung cancer cases as well as look to streamline dose verifications on rectum treatments.

Raj Baskara, sales specialist at Oncology Systems, said: “The medical physics and engineering department at The Christie has seen a significant reduction in dose verification times across a range of clinical specialities, particularly prostate and head and neck.

“More recently, during breast planning, the department has estimated that the software will be saving 10 minutes per patient by replacing manual calculations with Mobius3D automated software.

“Once the department has finished setting up the same service for the satellite centres, they anticipate a time saving of almost 25 hours a month.”

Mobius3D is one of the first commercial systems to replace single-point monitor unit (MU) checks with modern treatment plan verifications. Dose calculations are automatically performed using advanced algorithms on patients’ planning CT scans to help ensure treatment plans are accurate, deliverable, and effectively meet objectives using DVH and 3D gamma analysis.

Unlike MU checks, the software automatically accounts for surface irregularity and internal heterogeneity so manual corrections to verify monitor units and dose are no longer required.

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Baskara said: “The Christie is a busy trust with a core focus on oncology. It strives to deliver the best-possible care and enhancing departmental efficiency is pivotal to this. Mobius3D enables highly-accurate dose calculations and the benefits of an automated workflow. This is a significant difference as each VMAT patient requires specific and tailored verification. Most importantly, the out-of-hours verification workload has decreased by 60% as a result of Mobius3D.”